Feature Rich

Quotes and Shipments


LMX Provides Rapid and easy quote creation with rating built in. Quotes can be emailed or faxed in seconds.

Customer Management


Our Customer List Makes It Easy To Locate The Customer You Need The Minute You Need To.



Invoicing Uses The Rates Already Computed In The Shipments For Fast, Error Free Billing.



Quickly Find Any Manifest By Any Information Parameters



The Dispatch Board in LMX is Feature Rich. The Dispatch Board Can Be Customized To Show The Metrics You Value At A Glance.


customization1 1

LMX Is Adaptable! We can customize code for your needs.

Feature Rich

    • One Input System from Pickup to Finance with Automatic Rating

      A complete Dispatch System with Definable Regions, And Integration into Text

      Messaging Services to Drivers with Reporting Capability

      Complete Customer Service Center System to Create Corporate Communications Including Broadcast E-Mails and Faxing of Invoices, Past Dues, Manifests, and Custom Reports, Letters and Forms

      Warehouse Inventory Tracking

      Complete Manifesting System for Line Haul, Drivers and Billing
      Integration with QuickBooks And Xero

      Web Interface for Remote Agent Access Through the Internet and Intranet Interface for Inter Departmental Access

      Web Access for Customers and Agents, With the Ability to Schedule Appointments

      Data Exchange to Other Mainframe Systems Through EDI & XML
      Document Management System Will Associate Any Type of Document (JPG, PDF, Word, Excel, Etc.) To A Customer, Contact, The shipment, Movement, Etc.

    • Easily Export Data into Excel Or Word from LMX’s Reports and Data Screens

    • 3PL/Broker Capable with Freight Auditing With 3rd Party Companies

    • Reports For Quotes And Insurance, Profit And Activity, Deliveries, A/P And A/R

    • Credit Card Payments Directly Within LMX Through Stripe.com

    • Imaging System for Digital Storage of Bill of Lading, Delivery Receipts, Payments, And Trailer Release Forms with Capture Of Signatures with PDF417/QR Coded Forms

    • Integration with Pro-Miles And PC-Miler for Accurate Mileage (U.S. And Canada Only)

    • iOS FileMaker Go App for Driver’s iPhone/iPad Devices

    • iOS App for Warehouse Management and Inventory

    • Integration with Zebra (And ZPL II Compatible) Barcode Printers

    • Barcode Printing to Laser Avery Labels